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Support Your Kids

Through consistent prayer, financial support, and church connections

We understand how difficult it is to see your child feel alone and discouraged as a Christian at school. We also know how hard it is to see lost students at your child’s school look to the world to fill a void in their hearts only Jesus can satisfy… That’s why we’re inviting you to join the Meant for More Movement.

Meant for More is a movement of students sharing the gospel at public schools across the nation.

We’ve equipped hundreds of Christian students to lead outreach on their public school campuses and these students have seen 3,000+ of their peers make first-time decisions to accept Christ in the past three years alone.

What if you challenged your child to lead a Meant for More Week at school this year?


How Will Meant for More Impact My Child?

Meant for More will empower your child to make a huge impact for Christ. Not only will they be equipped with outreach tools to reach their school, but they will be prepared to share the gospel and impact the world for Christ for the rest of their lives.

During Meant for More Week, your child will be part of a team of students leading outreach events and sharing the gospel with other students at their school. Your child will tell others…

  • Their lives have meaning because they are created by God with a plan and a purpose.
  • They are meant for more than the things of this world. They are meant to know God.
  • They can have abundant life now by turning from sin and following Christ as their Lord and savior.


Students Need Your Help!

Here are some simple ways you can get involved today

1. Pray and

Leading a Meant For More Week can involve many challenges, but going through them well will allow your child to grow in big ways. Encourage your child and look for ways to help them prioritize all they will be juggling. Join our prayer team and commit to praying daily for their efforts!

2. Outreach
Material Costs

Commit to meeting some of the financial needs your child will encounter during Meant for More. You can help provide t-shirts for your child to wear during the week and offer to pick up pizza to hand out during events!

3. Advocate for
Your Child’s Rights

During Meant For More, your child will take initiative and speak with key adults at their schools and churches. Sit down with your child and take time to understand their goals. If the need arises, you can help advocate for them with school administration and church leaders.

Students all over have
already committed to reach their campus

Join now to give every student an opportunity to hear the gospel at your school!

Free Downloadable Materials

Prayer cards are a great way to get local churches involved with Meant for More. Here is a how-to guide covering how to make them and use them.

It’s so important for students to be Christian leaders at their school. Check out these 7 key ways students can lead by example at school.

One of the biggest ways churches can partner with Meant for More is by following up with and discipling students who come to faith at a rally.