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We invite students across the Dallas-Fort Worth area to participate in a Meant for More outreach in their school. From Denton to DeSoto and Frisco to Ft. Worth…


What Is Meant For More?

Students Reaching Students with the Gospel

Meant for More is a movement of students that want to reach their peers with the gospel.
Students host a Meant for More Outreach and invite the whole school to come to their outreach
events on campus. At the events, students will hear messages that…

Their lives have meaning because they are created by God with a plan and a purpose.
They are meant for more than the things of this world. They are meant to know God.
They can have abundant life now by turning from sin and following Christ as their Lord and savior.
Parents, Teachers, Pastors

Don’t miss this chance
to tell your friends, ”You are meant for more!”
Be a part of the movement at your school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost to hold a Meant for More Week?

Thanks to the generous support of individuals and churches, the cost of putting on a Meant for More Week is completely free of charge for students!

However, in order to buy t-shirts, pizza, and other promotional materials to help accelerate outreach, students are HIGHLY encouraged to use the provided fundraising tips and guidelines to offset any costs that might prevent their events from being the best they can possibly be!

In order to make a tax-deductible donation to allow more students to participate and discover that they are Meant for More use this link.

Do I need to be a part of club on campus to lead a Meant for More Week?

Anyone can attend and participate in the Meant for More movement, but in order to bring a Meant for More Week to your campus, you’ll need to be a part of an on-campus club.

Aside from allowing you to reserve the use of different rooms and spaces on campus to hold your events, being a part of a school club will also provide you with important legal protection while doing outreach.

What legal rights do I have as a Christian student at a public school?

As a Christian student on campus you are protected by two primary laws: the First Amendment and the Equal Access Act.

As an individual, you have freedom of religion and freedom of speech, which means you are legally protected and allowed to:

• Personally witness about Jesus on campus
• Pass out Christian materials like Bibles and tracts
• Distribute flyers that promote your events
• Wear t-shirts with Christian references on them

Additionally, as a Christian club or Meant for More club your school is legally bound to treat you fairly with the same rules that apply to other clubs. This means that:

• If any club can meet on campus as a club, so can yours.
• If any other club can reserve rooms/locations on campus, so can yours.
• If any other club can invite guests to attend their meetings, so can yours.
• If any other club can put up posters and advertise their club, so can yours.
• If any other club can make announcements over the P.A. system, so can yours.

Can I lead a Meant for More Week from anywhere United States?

Yes, the Meant for More movement was specifically created to be used in high schools and middle schools across the United States.

If no other schools or churches are hosting a Meant for More Week around you then it’s all the more reason that you should strive to bring Meant for More to your campus! How else will the students at your school hear the gospel?

Do I have to join a specific club to lead a Meant for More Week?

No, as a student, you can host a Meant for More Week through any club on campus. However, it will be more strategic to host a Meant for More Week through the Christian club. That way, you can invite students to attend future club activities to learn more about the gospel and grow in their faith long after Meant for More Week has ended.

If there is no Christian club on campus, you can also consider starting your own Christian club or starting a Meant for More club.

Can I lead a Meant for More Week from outside of the United States?

At this time, the Meant for More movement is limited to the United States. Students and churches are welcome to use and download digital resources and to follow along with the training materials and tips in any e-newsletters. However, the Meant for More movement was specifically crafted to empower Christian students to do outreach in the United States. Anyone using Meant for More materials to do outreach outside of the USA should consider any local or national laws that might limit their ability to explicitly share the gospel in a public context.

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